Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ceaușescu Palace, Bucharest, Romania, October 2011


Memorias de Oriente said...

Hey Pumba,

If you travel to Hong Kong for sure not miss the views from victoria peak its a must, maybe go there before the sunset so you can see it during daylight and night, it's impressive. The big Buddha of Lantau is pretty popular too but if you have only one day or 2 not sure if it worths it because you will spend at least a whole morning going there. For me the best of Hong Kong is to get lost on the streets, the markets etc I love both Kowloon area with all the neon lights, old building and really crowded and Central Hong Kong area with the skyscrapers, clean streets, the soho etc maybe check this blog for more info:

About Macau sorry I've never been there, it's on my wish list ;) Enjoy your trip!

Pumba said...

Many, many thanks for the suggestions!