Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tsukiji V, Tokyo, December 2008

Tsukiji IV, Tokyo, December 2008

Tsukiji III, Tokyo, December 2008

Tsukiji II, Tokyo, December 2008

Tsukiji I, Tokyo, December 2008

Near Nakano JR Station, Nakano, Tokyo, December 2008

And now for something very unusual (and in my mind, suspicious): a suitcase left in the middle of a park right in front of Nakano's JR station. Interestingly, lots of people passing by this suitcase, looking at it, but not paying it the least attention. I tried to find a policeman to warn him about the suitcase dropped there in the middle of the park, but I was unable to find one. Since no one else was paying attention to it and I was unable to find a policeman, I left the place but three hypothesis kept on crossing my mind during the entire day: 1) Terrorism phobia has not reached Japan yet, or 2) Japan is really one of the safest places in the world and vault and safety bussiness must be in trouble (one can keep a suitcase in the middle of a park and no one even cares to look inside!!!) or 3) when I would return later at the end of the day I would find a huge crater in the park because a bomb had gone off (fortunately, when I got back the suitcase was simply gone and no crater or bomb; a relief)...

p.s.: I was with other westerners, friends of mine, that were also dumbfunded with the whole thing...

Ueno Park III, Tokyo, December 2008

Ueno Park II, Tokyo, December 2008

Ueno Park I, Tokyo, December 2008